Our day trip the first weekend of summer.

We jumped inside the car this morning, with a backpack full of snacks and various kid-friendly drinks, boys buckled up and ready… and we had no chosen destination. We debated whether to drive North or South, but either way, one hour on the road was our limit today. We finally decided: Boston. ‘Cause, BOSTON. There’s so many things to do there, a day is never going to be enough; but since we can randomly chose to drive down to Boston some other weekend, we just cut the list short and settled for a few spots.

We started with a quick trip to the USS Constitution museum (entrance to the ship is free and the museum has a suggested donation entry price). We were strolling the deck of “the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat”, and my oldest said: “I always wished I could come to a ship, and my wish came true!”, so the history is interesting for adults but the experience is very child-friendly. So, good start to the day.

Then, off to MIT, just because it’s ranked amongst the world’s top universities and I’ve always been curious to see what it looked like. To start off, the location is amazing; sitting in the lawn of Killian court you get a great view of the Great Dome and the Charles river. It’s a very nice walk overall. Satisfying. Chill.

Image (2)

And since we were in Cambridge and on the university theme, Harvard was next. One word: amazing. All the streets around Harvard are extremely charming. Hungry? So many options to choose from. We ultimately sat down inside Mr. Bartley’s. The atmosphere is hectic, but they’re kid friendly and it’s nothing us moms aren’t used to. It’s worth the experience, and order a frappe to end the meal, to go, so you walk out of there sippin’ on joy.


It’s funny, we drove South from home for about and hour and it’s like we magically made it to London. These streets have a striking resemblance to the streets I walked over in London. Bricks, bricks, bricks. So Harry Potter-y.


And I mean, it’s Harvard. Just walking through the Johnston Gate gives you the chills. All the university buildings are picture worthy. I cannot wait to come back in fall, and then again in winter.

We drove past the Fenway park, and I’m more than ready for a real visit to this beauty. An actual game, and being up there drinking a beer. It has such an amazing vibe, to say the least, but the Red Sox had already started playing, we had no tickets, and had little sunlight left, so we headed to the Common. This park was founded in 1634 people, it’s the oldest city park, you can count on it having a huge history, but also so many great spots to sit and take in the sunset. It was the perfect way to end the day; the kids got to run a little and finish up the last bit of that seemingly everlasting energy they have. So you know I was counting on them falling asleep on the way back home. Tip: park on Commonwealth avenue and walk towards the Boston Public Garden (the houses are super pretty, you will want a picture).


So much left to see, indeed. But all in all, a full circle day trip.


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