A mom’s street style vol. 1

One of my biggest challenges as a mom of two toddlers is finding the right street style. I wake up with a helpless case of frizzy hair, dark circles the size of the moon, stained pijamas, and no desire at all to deal with the struggle of finding the outfit that screams: “I got it all covered”.

I. Sunglasses

Those buddies are my saviors. My stamp style is -basic-. And sunnies will give any basic outfit a shoutout. These Dior are my babies, my ultimate choice, and I’d love to have a full collection of Gucci if you ask me, but us moms, we watch our expenses. So I’ve found my favorite brand, while comfortably binge watching a series, ‘cause Amazon. SojoS, they’re affordable and great quality aka the best combo.


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