How’s New England treating me so far?

As a Mexican, I never imagined I’d end up living here. I’ve always had dreams of relocating outside my country. Wanderlust is deep in my veins. But New Hampshire in particular, it just wasn’t part of the vision. Boston had been on my list for the longest time, I’ll admit to that. I’ve been a die-hard Patriots fan since I was a toddler, so it’s been on my mind, no doubt. I’d been taught about it, because no US history lesson is complete without the mention of New England. But again, did I picture this? My little family here? My boys exploring outdoors holding hands, sunset reflections over lakes… it’s beautiful and better than anything I did imagine.

I lived for nearly 5 years in Texas, and it made more sense there. So close to home in many aspects; it surprised me, in the good way, because I personally expected more of the bad reputation and Texas pride, but in general terms, the state is everything you’ve heard about it: big and too hot. Not everyone will fit in this description, but I was surrounded by people too wrapped up in urbanity, they had little to zero time to engage in something beyond their everyday routine. That’s fine, but not my style. It was close to home, but so far from feeling like it. Many things you read about places are going to be exaggerated, everyone has their own perspective and there’s nothing like living it and creating your own opinions, so this was merely my own experience.

Here, though, the minute the weekend is over, I’m already wondering what we’ll do the next one. Instagram is my best friend when it comes to “research”, it inspires me with awesome pics of New England scenes. I’ve always had unexplained obsessions for stillwater, lighthouses, picnics, marinas and food. I’m all about historic sites too. And one thing is clear, these obsessions of mine are being fed, with every trip I take. I can find every single one of these around me, all within a short drive. It’s amazing how full circle this place is.

Visiting a beach and setting up a nice little picnic on the sand while my kids enjoy the water, and at least now that is summer, visiting a lighthouse fits in the same plan – two birds, one stone.
Fort Williams Parks is more of a 5 birds, one stone. Historic forts, the Ocean, lighthouses (plural), an amazing Lobster Roll from Bite into Maine, and plenty of well cared for grass to sit on and picnic.

A nice hike that ends with a special view or dipping your toes in a lake, which will happen almost every time with my kids, and by “toes” I mean up to their hips.

I have so many favorites already; like the evenings at our local public library, the strolls around the Boston Public Garden, the sunny Sundays over at the Nubble Lighthouse, dessert at Annabelle’s in Portsmouth, and the drive up to Canada. Vermont is more beautiful than you’ve heard.

Comments and speculation about New England does not do any justice to the place, and its people. New Englanders are very centered and smart, welcoming and fun, and true to themselves.

I’d say that so far, so happy.


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