Fall in New England

“Wow, this whole fall things seems awfully new to you...” is what I read in everyone’s faces when I talk about these past couple of months. It is, by the way. It’s a brand new experience, living through fall. Now, we all gotta live it somehow, so please forgive us for ever thinking that 90... Continue Reading →



I constantly take a peek at other people's life. "What are they doing?". "Wow, that's a lot of traveling". "She got a raise so quickly?". Etcétera. It's as pathetic as it sounds, I beat myself up, for not having the same financial solvency, for not having as many followers, for not having the perfect makeup... Continue Reading →

Northwestern loving.

I'm doing the dishes, it's August 10th, and I see a yellow leaf fall off a tree, slowly, almost like it's dancing. It surprised me. Did I just witness Fall making its way in? It reminded me of a trip we took in 2015; because so far in my life, I had to wait past... Continue Reading →

Run wild, my child.

Run wild. As long as you're running towards something, your dreams, a love, to help; and not running from problems, fear or yourself. As long as you're running free, with purpose and joy. Run, hard and non-stop. Run baby, run.

A mom’s street style vol. 1

One of my biggest challenges as a mom of two toddlers is finding the right street style. I wake up with a helpless case of frizzy hair, dark circles the size of the moon, stained pijamas, and no desire at all to deal with the struggle of finding the outfit that screams: “I got it... Continue Reading →


I’ve been living out of Mexico for a few years now, but some time ago I lived there again for a couple of months, and here, in Tequila, when Cuervo’s  ovens open, and that distinct smell of cooked agave core empowers all the streets around, I feel peace. Handling life’s curveballs is made easier here.... Continue Reading →

Arrêter le fanatisme! La vie est belle

We don’t need to share gender, race or religion to appreciate the beauty spread around us; the identity of a place shouldn’t lay in its name or meaning but in the sentiment and history it holds. Our differences are testimony that our world is grand and beautiful. Let’s not replace peace with bigotry.

Our day trip the first weekend of summer.

We jumped inside the car this morning, with a backpack full of snacks and various kid-friendly drinks, boys buckled up and ready... and we had no chosen destination. We debated whether to drive North or South, but either way, one hour on the road was our limit today. We finally decided: Boston. 'Cause, BOSTON. There's... Continue Reading →

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